Contractor Mortgages
Life Insuarance
Capital Place specialises in mortgages for contractors and self employed taders. Company director mortgage requirements in particular vary the most lender-to-lender and the real challenge here is in getting the right broker with the right knowledge and experience.....
You might want to remortgage your house for better deal, if you think a better rate is available which will save you money on repayments or to raise capital to pay for a home improvements such as a new kitchen, extension or a conservatory, or you may have reached the end of .....
Mortgages on buy to let property are very similar to a mortgage on your home, but there are some key differences:
Buy to let mortgages are assessed primarily on the rent you are charging. The rent you charge must typically be 125% of the mortgage payment....
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Our offer is based on the extensive access to mortgage and protection market. We are able to advice on the best products currently available . We will make sure that our offer is tailored to your needs and expectations.
We specialise in mortgage arrangements for contractors and freelancers working as directors of thier own limited companies and selfemployed as well as individuals working on standard employments contacts.
We specialise insurance arrangements for contractors and freelancers working as directors of thier own limited companies and selfemployed as well as individuals working onstandard employments contacts.
Whole of Market Advice
Whole of the market advice takes all the hassle and stress out of choosing and arranging your mortgage. As well as deciding which is the right mortgage for you.  Our advice team will manage your entire application, taking you through the whole process, all the way to successful completion.
Getting the right mortgage can be time-consuming and the application process can be tedious. With a mountain of choice available, just knowing where to start can be stressful, too. If you would like mortgage advice that you can trust, with a service that makes your life easier, call our mortgage advice today
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How we can help
  • An expert choosing the right mortgage for you – we take the stress out of deciding which mortgage is best for you from the whole of the     market. We pick the right one from a choice of hundreds of mortgages, and explain why it is right for you.
  • Negotiating with lenders – we use our weight as the UK’s leading independent mortgage broker to get you exclusive deals, and to get lenders to work to our deadlines, so you have your offer and funds available, as soon as possible
  • Liaising with surveyors, solicitors  or accountant (if you are a contractor) – we’ll liaise with your solicitor, chase valuers and do everything we can to make      your purchase or remortgage run smoothly
  • Getting the paperwork done – we’ll do as much of the paperwork for you as we possibly can, sending you forms for signature and keeping you up to date by  phone, email or letter (as you prefer)
  • Providing competitive mortgage related insurance - we offer some of the most competitive rates in the market